The Giant Mountains are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic, and by far the most visited Czech mountains. In addition, this is the highest mountain range, with its peaks covered by the largest snow cover and it is the only range with high mountain character in the Czech Republic. The longest river in the Czech Republic springs here, and the highest waterfall can be found here. And the list goes on. This 600-million-year-old mountain range, with its incredibly diverse nature, is protected as a unique UNESCO Biosphere Reserve because it is home to a large number of rare species of plants and animals.

In the Giant Mountains you can find steep glacial karas and vast mountain meadows, rocky ridges and picturesque valleys lined with log cabins. In the winter season the Giant Mountains offer high-quality and varied conditions for skiing and in the summer they are a popular destination for hiking and cycling.

The Giant Mountains are also important from the economic point of view, especially thanks to the popular year-round tourism in the region. Despite their relatively small size, they generate billions in revenues, comparable to large foreign tourist resorts, and are thus a significant source of income for entrepreneurs and the Czech Republic itself. Every year the Giant Mountains experience new records in visitor numbers, so further dynamic growth in the economic importance of this mountain range can be expected. In 2020, the mountains were visited by over 4 million tourists, making the Giant Mountains one of the most popular national parks not only in the Czech Republic. In the summer, the number of visitor also reached all time high thanks in part to the significant growth in the use of electric bikes, which are a great way to explore the Giant Mountains.

The Giant Mountains are both beautiful and important at the same time; their overall importance is at least equal to that of the nearby Alpine mountains. It is therefore necessary to protect this unique asset of our state, to develop it in a meaningful way and to take care of it. The Giant Mountains do not belong to us, we have only been given the beautiful duty to take care of them, they have been entrusted to us by Mother Nature and we must do our best to pass them on to our children and future generations. According to a legend, the mountain is guarded by the mythical spirit of Rübezahl (Krakonoš). However, we at Aurum believe that we ourselves must actively help in the development and subsequent care of this beautiful, unique and totally one-of-a kind part of our country.

The entire Aurum Resort and its related activities are designed as sustainable. Within this framework, we have long been working with a range of private and public institutions to support the region, discussing and consulting on the development of the resort, and using our financial and human resources to independently support the Giant Mountains so that they remain as wonderful as they are today in the long term.

On behalf of #amazinggiantmountains, the team of the Aurum Resort looks forward to welcoming visitors, partners and colleagues.